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Let’s Go Walleye Fishing!

The walleye fishing is about to get going.  We welcome all ages and experience levels as our charters are 100% kid-friendly. It is our priority to provide a fun, safe and most importantly educational experience for our junior anglers.  Let’s get them off video games and enjoying the outdoors on the lake! The lake is …

Lake Erie Is The Walleye Capital of the World!

We just got a report that Lake Erie has the most walleye per acre of anywhere in the world!  It is no wonder we get limits of walleye on many of our fishing trips. I want to thank everyone who fished with us in the 2018 season, and I look forward to seeing many of …

Incredible Fishing Going On in Erie Pa Now!

Walleye, Walleye and Walleye.  We are in the peak period of our season and we are doing limits on the good days.  I have had the opportunity to fish with some amazing families and now friends.  Our junior anglers and kid-friendly fishing trips have been exceptionally good.  Let’s get the goods off the video games …

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